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Actionable insights. We see data in all forms as important. Big data, dark data, human data. Understanding why the user did what they did, what engages them allows us to give actionable input for your project.


Fast turnaround time. We know you want results. We work to get that insight that impacts your product fast. We work very closely with a design driven collaborative approach with your team.


Iterative design. We do this agile style with a twinge of Finnish-Italian twist. This is supported by our focus on blending Qualitative and Quantitative work.


Qualitative results. In a world that is getting driven by Big Data and Quants we believe very much in blending Qualitative analysis into the work.


Elina Ollila, Founder and Partner

Elina Ollila (@skuirrel) is one of the leading experts in games User Experience, having worked for customers such as Nokia, Microsoft, and King.com (where she did user research for Candy Crush Saga). Elina has more than 15 years of experience in UX design and research. Ollila is an active member in the local UX community in San Diego. She is a board member for UX Speakeasy, and has been the lead organizer for events such as Interaction14 Redux SoCal and Nokia Games Day. Elina has been on the review committee for countless conferences and journals, such as ACM Computers in Entertainment, ACM Mindtrek and Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA). Elina has also been a frequent speaker both in industry and academic conferences, such as the Game Developers Conference and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Dr. Mark Ollila, MBA, Partner

Mark Ollila (@markollila) is a seasoned executive in total product offerings combining hardware, software, services and experiences with over 15 years of experience in the wireless, games, services, consumer devices industry. Mark has directed Nokia Games publishing with Studios in Vancouver, San Francisco and Espoo, resulting in several award winning titles in the area of 3D and interaction/gameplay. He also produced from the Nokia side the Digital Emmy nominated, award winning cross media production, Conspiracy for Good which showcased new technologies and platforms in mobile. Mark focuses on how concepting, innovation pipelines and longterm roadmaps can be used to ensure value is delivered to the end consumer, and as result business and brand impact to the company. He has a long history with launches of new media technology platforms (Appstores and Publishing) with associated 1st party and 3rd party content with strong social and connected gaming presence. He has directed global teams and launched strategic projects pushing KPI metrics in downloads, revenue, engagement, mindshare on both services and hardware side. Involved in various deals (from advisory to leading) in both partnerships and acquisition targets, most prominent was part of the Nokia deal team in the Microsoft and Nokia strategic partnership announced in February 2011. Mark’s current interest lies in wearable technologies, sensors, mobile platforms, services, big data and new entertainment formats. A big fan to technology to further impact consumer life Mark is a big follower of biotech and related areas. Mark has a Phd in Computer Science and an EMBA from London Business School. Mark has worked with the EU as an advisor on Future and Emerging Technologies and was also a principle investigator on the EU FW6 project, mGain - Mobile Entertainment Industry and Culture. He was founding Chairman of Meqon Research AB whose physics middleware technology was acquired by NVIDIA and in use today under the brand PhysX.


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